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By using our services, you agree to these terms.

Carefully read through these terms before contacting us.

We maintain the right to modify these terms. You are responsible for reviewing these terms of service. By using our website or contacting us, you acknowledge and agree to these terms of service. Dazzle bear arts reserves the right to change, add, or delete these terms of service at any time.


The amount of work we do at once is limited. You will be notified when work can be started on your design if we don't have a slot available at the time of request. Dazzle bear arts reserves the right to deny service to anyone.


Dazzle bear arts requires a concept of your design. we will accept photos, videos, and documents describing your design request. Please include anything that may help us produce the best output possible.

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Past example


Dazzle bear arts requires a 30% deposit before any work has been started. Final payments must be received after a sample product is shown and client is happy with the sample. The sample we provide will be water marked and will be decreased in quality from the final product. Once payment is fully received, we will send it via email. We accept Cash App and PayPal. We are not responsible for any lost or late payments. Refunds are eligible until work has started.


Once the transaction has been completed, you have 48 hours to make any changes. Any changes done during this period will not result in any extra charges. Any changes made after this time will not be executed unless further payment is received. We will review details and information once contacted. 


We will provide pictures of our progress to ensure the project moves in the right direction. We are happy to review and make changes as we come close to the final product to ensure you are completely satisfied.


If for some reason you want to cancel a service requested after the designing process has started, there will be NO REFUNDS. Please understand that in order to produce a output you are satisfied with. We need a general direction to go in provided by you with details. Without this information, we cannot fully satisfied you. If we for any reason don't here back from you within 4 days. We will have to cancel your transaction and you will not be refunded if work has already started.


All images and content included on this site belong to Dazzle bear arts.

The contents of this website may not be copied, reproduced, sold, or distributed without prior written permission by us. Modification of the content for any other purpose, on any other web site is prohibited.

Your product may be used for any purpose including private and non-commercial use.

We reserve the right to use any projects we created including posting photos to this or any website.


Anything agreed upon by both parties in writing, including email, is a binding contract. By contacting us, you agree to all terms of service. Dazzle bear arts stores digital copies of all communication for our records.

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