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How long dose a project take?

Depending on which service you need, projects can take up to 3 days to a few weeks. In terms of animation, it may take up to a month or 2 before completion. No matter which service you want, we will try to finish it as fast as possible.

When is final payment due?

Payment is due as soon as you have received a sample of the project. This sample will be the final result with reduced quality and a watermark. Once payment is received, you will be sent the final product via email.

Can I make changes after I have paid?

We accept changes after 48 hours of receiving final payment. Requesting changes after 48 hours may result in additional charges.

What is the price range for your services?

Logos and advertisements range from $50 to $180+

Graphic Scenes range from $160 to $290+

Short Animations $350 to $750+

These prices are determined by the complexity and amount of time needed to complete a project.

Upon request, we may offer payment plans for complex animations.

What payment methods to you take?

We accept PayPal and Cash App.

My request was denied.

There are many reason we may have denied to work you.

We may be unable to produce a desired product.


Your request may be too complicated to make.


 Your description was to difficult to understand clearly.

You requested a character in your design. 

Can I get a refund?

The only time refunds are eligible is before any work has started. If you decide to cancel midway through the designing process, there will not be a refund as we have already put in the work and must be compensated.

Where do you send the final project?

To ensure that our final result is in the best quality possible, we will send it via email.

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